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Let's Have a Rant!

Everyone's favorite segment of the show! A good rant is just necessary every now and then. If you've got to shout something at the top of your lungs, though, you'll shred your vocal cords. We encourage everyone to comment on our Facebook page about a rant you would like to here on our show. Or if you would like to remain anonymous, email us at readysetshowpodcast@gmail.com.


Show Segments

Shoutouts Real Talk Music Meltdown Dumb Ass/Bad Ass of the Week Urban Dictionary Word of the Day
We give thanks to friends & family who support us doing the show & who have given up inspiration. Topics, events & issues of interest currently found in the news or just real life topics. We value the importance of current events that may affect us as a whole. Music is a passion of ours & it will always be something we keep in our hearts. It gives us inspiration in difficult times. We discuss music news and the band or artist that stands out to us each week. If you’re human, you’ve had an encounter with someone or something, that has rubbed you the wrong way. These annoyances can disrupt our peace and our workflow. We also point of those people who do great things and are our bad asses each week. We pick a phrase or slang word from the online urban dictionary & discuss its meaning. You don't wanna miss this; some of these words are unbelievable.

***These segments are included in every show.

Special Show Segments

Original Gamers Welcome to the Thunderdome! Story Time
This is a segment we dedicate to everything relating to gaming. Gaming has been a HUGE part of our lives and so we had to create this segment to discuss what's hot in gaming. This is our versus segment. We will weigh the pros & cons between two similar choices to make it more of a competition. Once an upon a time, there was a podcast called Ready Set Show Podcast....Each week we will take an experience from our lives & deliver it in a story time fashion..

***These segments are not included in every show.


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